What is Our VISION?

Our vision is one of C ommitment, A ction,R espect,Excellence andS ervice.

Plainville Christian Church, UCC:C.A.R.E.S.

What Do We Teach?

We teach PEACE, KINDNESS and SAFETY. Using both the Hebrew and Greek Testaments of the Holy Bible as the foundation for our faith, we put those teachings into practice at home, at work and at play. We believe firmly, the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

What Are Our Core Values?

Just as Jesus said in the Beatitudes, blessed are the poor and the hungry. Our mission is not just to love one another, but to make sure we practice our faith together as a community and as individual followers of Christ.

What's New?

Shannon Monnat, PhD

Starting in January Every Thursday during the Academic Calendar Year

Each week, at 9:30 AM, we meet for coffee and conversation spawned from a text and story of the week.  Join us again on September 27th.

Steve Pfanenstiel

Practicing Faith

At PLAINVILLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH, UCC, our mission is to help folks explore their relationship with God and improve other meaningful relationships in our family life. Join us each Sunday at 9:30 AM and experience the warmth of faith and the strength of our community.

Welcome to ALL

The Questions Commonly Asked

You Are Always Welcome Here

Ian Grinnals, USMC (Retired)

The First Sunday of the Month
We offer Holy Communion on the first Sunday of every month. This is a sacred time for our community.