Faith is a life-long learning experience. It requires each of us to continually enhance the knowledge we currently possess and it challenges that acquired knowledge to be applied peacefully and respectfully towards the current world view.

In order to achieve the goal of life-long learning, one must start at the beginning. Here at Plainville Christian Church, we have a great beginning. Our child and youth programs are well accepted and well attended. Our children and youth see the value in the activities around them. Because of that, we are constantly challenged to keep themselves engaged. They teach us as much as we teach them.

We are developing new learning activities that will challenge the adult population as well. Some of these activities are also family based to encourage family discussions and community activity as witnessed below. We will see this grow as we implement our lecture series in the fall.

We meet every Thursday Morning @ 9 AM for a discussion of faith practice and the world. Our method is simple we grab a single scripture generated from the lectionary and we apply it to the 21st century. It is great fun and it stretches our intellect.

On Vacation until September

Beginning this fall, several of us meet at 9:00 in the morning. While enjoying fellowship and conversation, we will approach the text of the week with insight and open discuss. Please join us.

Faith Formation