Since Plainville Christian Church follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, we seek to help the least, the lost and the lonely. We achieve this practice through our assorted MISSIONS TEAMS. They seek families in need and lead a project to assist those families in establishing a successful environment to live in.

      These teams are like a gasket in an engine. They are critical to the work of the church, yet they are often unseen and they prevent leakage and waste in our resources. These team are the helping hands of the church. The members truly take an interest in the community we live in.

     To date, we have interacted with several ministries locally, nationally and internationally. We remain faithful to our MISSION. We remain loyal to practicing our faith through hospitality, healing, discernment and worship.

In addition to these ministries, we continue to develop relationships with local businesses.  Our hope is that our local business leaders will see the value of our ministries and our civic pride and invest in us as we practice our faith.

Our Ministries



Ian Grinnals

Humanitarian Effort

We offer a Prayer Bear Ministry as well. This ministry is very simple. Request a Prayer Bear and we will pray over the bear during worship so it is filled with prayers before you deliver it.

For national and world ministry, Plainville Christian Church seeks to partner with the three branches of The United Church of Christ; The Oneida Association, The New York Conference and the National Church. It is through this structure that we accomplish worldwide missions. We, in partnership with these other branches, support missions of all kinds locally and throughout the world.

Rev. Grinnals is available for counseling. It is Rev. Grinnals' practice to offer immediate counseling during a crisis. It is also Rev. Grinnals' practice to refer clients when the issues are outside of his scope of practice or skill level.   You can contact Rev. Grinnals by calling the church message phone: (315) 635-5451 or if it is an emergency please phone: (315) 956-0938 or


Music Series & Lecture Series

Kevin Barrigar

Time for Gathering

Locally we have a volunteer team that services the Food Bank of Central New York. We have volunteer teams that prepare family boxes of food and others that actually go to the distributions locations and dispense the boxes prepared by the other teams.

Our Structure