Each week during worship, we lift up people in prayer and thanks giving. As we do, there are folks in our midst that reach out to these individuals. In some cases this outreach turns into a Generosity Project.

Our Generosity Project is  designed to  reach out to new neighbors and families in need. It encompasses the five purposes of our church; MISSION, WORSHIP, INVITATION, FELLOWSHIP and DISCIPLESHIP.

Please contact us with your prayer requests. We will begin  praying the moment we receive your request.


Prayer Groups

The Prayer Bear Ministry is going strong. We have delivered 41 bears since beginning in mid 2017. The response from the recipients has been astounding. One individual stated that of all the cards, calls and visits; the prayer bear had the deepest meaning.



Feel free to contribute to this great ministry by either purchasing a bear or helping us purchase them with a donation.

Our first Generosity Project is known as PRAYER BEAR. Each

time we get a prayer request we get a teddy bear and bring it into

the sanctuary during worship. Each person in worship that day, prays over that bear on the behalf of the person of our prayers. Then we deliver the bear to that person. The bear represents prayer and care and it carries a healing characteristic.