No matter who you are where you are on your journey, you are always welcome here.


Becoming a member of our community  is not as important as our being able to practice your faith within your best ability.





Kevin Barringer

Austin Barringer

Kevin Barringer is a friend of Plainville Christian Church and this year he in bringing along Austin Barringer. They will be at the church on Saturday January 18th from 7-8 PM. As usual there will be a wine and cheese reception so the audience can meet the artist.


Our expectations are:

Everyone who enters our space has the opportunity to be transformed by God's grace, we are confident that your expectations will be the same. Additionally, our hope is that you will feel the LOVE that we are COMMANDED to provide. We feel strongly that your hope will be the same. Finally, after a time, we will ask you to consider becoming a part of our community of faith, you should expect us to ask and be prepared to answer.  


What to EXPECT when you join us for worship:

Plainville Christian, UCC Worship  is at 9:30 AM Sunday Mornings  

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